Enrollment Overview

How does enrollment work at Bethany?
Bethany Community School is a school of choice. We welcome applications from all students who are interested in an academic program that is challenging while building character and leadership. BCS is not the right fit for everyone. Before applying, we encourage you to get as much information as you can about the school.


Applications are completed online. The application period opens in early January and runs through the month of February each year. The application is simple and asks only for basic information that will allow us to contact you when you are accepted.


A lottery for each grade level will be held in March. This lottery is done electronically and results are communicated as quickly as possible. Anyone is welcome to attend the lottery in person; although, we discourage students from attending this emotional event.

Enrollment Priority

Some groups of students receive enrollment priority and will either be placed in the school automatically or have a separate lottery prior to the general lottery to determine who gets in. These groups of students, by state law, are children of current teachers and board members, siblings of currently enrolled students, siblings of students who attended BCS in the past for four years including the 12th grade, and students who are currently attending a different NC charter school that does not have the student’s next grade level. Please note that we have no way of knowing that a younger sibling exists or is interested in Bethany if an application is not filled out.

Bundling Applications

Special rules allow for students to be bundled together if they are siblings and living in the same household. When this occurs, only one name is entered in the lottery and both students are accepted should the number be drawn. Please contact the school with any questions about this process and your specific situation.


Those students who are accepted will be sent an enrollment packet. That packet of information will need to be returned to the school by the deadline included. This information is needed in order to register your child. It includes academic information, records request forms, health forms, home language forms, and more. To prepare yourself for this process, we encourage you to gather a copy of your child’s birth certificate, the immunization record, and the NC Health Transmittal Form (unless previously enrolled in a NC Public School).

Waiting List

The lottery will extend beyond the allotted number of slots to form a waiting list. As space becomes available from student withdrawals, we will move down the waiting list. This process occurs automatically through our Enrollment Management software. The next person on the waiting list will receive an email and text message indicating that they have been offered a spot. This will also include a timeline of one to five days for attendance to be confirmed. Failure to confirm attendance within the designated amount of time will result in the automatic removal of the application and an automatic offer sent to the next person on the waiting list. Please be ready to respond so that we can get your child properly registered. The waiting list will continue to be worked until October 1st. After that date, all application information is archived as we prepare for the next year. A new application is required each year for those who are not currently enrolled.