Application Process

Joining the Wolf Pack

How does enrollment work?

Bethany Community School uses a lottery system to ensure that every applicant has a fair and equal chance to attend. To make it as streamlined as possible, Bethany uses an automated electronic lottery system called Lotterease. We are dedicated to creating a fair and equal opportunity for every student to attend Bethany Community School. Read below to find out how to navigate Lotterease and grab your spot in the next school year’s lottery!

Non-Discrimination Statement:
BETHANY COMMUNITY SCHOOL is committed to the policy of nondiscrimination on the basis of race, color,
creed, sex, national origin, or handicap in its educational programs, activities, or employment.


The Application Process


Register for Lotterease

You will need to register on the Lotterease platform to enter your child in to the lottery system. On this registration, be sure to use your information and not your child’s. You will be asked in a later step to enter your child’s information.


Add your students to your Lotterease account

You will now need to enter your child’s information to add them to your account. Once you have created your account, you will need to navigate to the “Add Child” link on the left menu. Below is an image that shows where you will find this link.


Enroll your students in the Bethany lottery

Now that you have added your child to your Lotterease account, you will now have to enroll them in a lottery. Select your child’s name from the left menu as outlined in the photo below and you will be prompted to select a school. Select Bethany Community School and hit submit.


You're done! Now you can check back regarding the status of your application.

Congratulations! You have entered your child in to the lottery at Bethany Community School. Now you can login to your account and check the status of your application. Click the button below to login to your Lotterease account.