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Use of our logos

The following manual provides you with specifications to accurately utilize the Bethany Community School brand elements. The Bethany Community School brand has been designed to reflect our all-around standard of excellence in academics, athletics and all other programs valued by the school. It will also serve to reinforce the core essence of our school pride, accomplishment and spirit. It is critical that all parties utilizing any of the Bethany Community School brand elements follow this manual with attention to detail in order to preserve and protect the Bethany Community School brand image.

Thank you in advance for reviewing this manual, thoroughly understanding its contents, and abiding by the specifications provided.

Creation, application or any use of the Bethany Community School brand elements must conform to approved standards as authorized by Bethany Community School. Additionally, it is imperative that Bethany Community School brand elements are used properly on all merchandise, web, printed materials, signage, etc. in a quality manner.

When using the Bethany Community School brand elements, whether the item on which the element is applied is for internal use, departmental use, organization use, being publicly displayed, being sold or otherwise distributed in commerce, all specifications for usage must be met and visually approved by an authorized party within Bethany Community School.

Approved Logos


Primary Logos

Can be used on official school documents and displays such as on the front of the school, diplomas, stationery, business cards, website home page, etc.

Initial(s) or Interlock

Interchangeable with Wordmarks and Activity Mark, but is more appropriate for embroidery or applications requiring less detail. (eg. Left Chest Polo Shirt)

Wordmarks and Secondary

Can be used on general fashion gear, uniforms, general club designs, general sport designs, stadiums, gym floor, signage, informal letterhead, etc.

Circle Mark

Can be used on specific activity fashion gear, uniforms, specific club designs, specific sport designs, signage, informal letterhead, etc. (eg. Football, Baseball, etc.)

Approved Colors

Royal Blue



Dark Grey (Initials Only)


Royal Blue, Grey, and White are the official approved colors of Bethany Community School and play a major role in supporting the core visual identity of the brand.

Royal Blue and Grey are the primary foundation colors and should always be the first colors used in any application where a single color predominates. White should only be used as a secondary accent color.

*All Logos were created using the PANTONE+ Solid Coated color book.

*Pantone Uncoated shares the same PMS numbers as Pantone Coated.

The colors shown on this page have not been evaluated by PANTONE, Inc. for accuracy and may not match the PANTONE color standards. Refer to the current edition of the PANTONE Color Formula Guide for accurate colors. PANTONE® is a registered trademark of PANTONE, Inc.

More branding information

For more information about our branding including logo modifications, logo guidelines against background colors, one color logos, and typography, please view our full branding guide.