Athletic Booster Club

Character Building, Building Leaders.

The primary role of the BCS Athletic Booster Club is to support all athletic programs at the school. The club is a non-profit organization which is guided by bylaws. The bylaws may be requested at any time.

Each coach may ask the Booster Club for additional help with needs and wants. The BCS Booster Club will approve, delay or deny requests based on availability of funds and in consideration of the current needs of the entire BCS program. Head coaches or a representative from their program committee should attend meetings and be the sport liaison to the BCS Booster Club.

The BCS Booster Club looks to have multiple fundraising events and a joint sponsorship program with Bethany Community School to help supplement all athletic programs.

Booster Club fundraising must be approved by the Bethany Community School athletic department and administration.

Parents are encouraged to be involved and join the booster club! Membership goes toward creation and maintenance of facilities, athletic equipment, apparel and other needs to help the student-athletes at Bethany Community School!