A more personal
middle school experience.

We are more than a middle school. We are a community of students, educators, and passionate leaders. Bethany Community School was founded with the goal of providing students with a more focused, rigorous learning environment that emphasizes hands-on learning and interactive learning experiences.

Welcome to Middle School!

The middle school years are a foundational transition students make from elementary school to high school. Three years of a child’s life go quickly, therefore the responsibilities of a school are great. Here at Bethany Community School, the teachers are thoughtfully invested in these middle school years, understanding the necessary skills, both socially and academically, in order for them to thrive in their future years. 

This time is a critical fork in the road when most students choose their direction in learning and seeking an identity through many trials and errors. Up until this point, a student’s academic and social behaviors are fluid and are easier to be molded. But later these behaviors start to become more rigid. Our teachers strive to work with that openness adolescence brings, teaching them how to think critically, to learn how they learn best, and to self-reflect on the person they wish to be within their peer group and as a productive member of society. Bethany’s teachers know how to uphold the enthusiasm of learning, keep the creativity flowing, and teach lessons in order for them to interact positively with their peers. Thus, the middle years are our chance to put in place strong, positive learning patterns for the rest of their academic careers.

Bethany Community School has an advanced middle school for grades 6-8 that has flourished for over 25 years. We understand all of these critical components of the middle grades. To be an excellent teacher, one must not only love this age but understand the adolescent learning and social characteristics in which to shape students’ lives. Our teachers have kept the foundational charter mission of academic rigor and character-building. Many have been with the Bethany community for 15 years or longer which is a testament to the dedication and excellence they have for our school. 

As Bethany Community School grows in its programs, we are at a turning point to further develop our own identity, take risks, and redefine our culture. It is an exciting time as we create goals for our future in middle school in order to be a school of excellence to the immediate and surrounding counties.

Join us as we continue our mission of academic rigor and building character in the middle school years.