Learning Support Program


What is the learning support program?

The Learning Support Program at Bethany Community School is designed to assist learners reach their full potential and teachers meet the individual needs of students who may need additional support.

Our staff of Learning Support Specialists partner individually with identified students to make sure each learner is able to fully access the curriculum. 

At Bethany, our goal is to build the capacity of each student to self-advocate and implement organizational skills that work for the individual.

Not every student is the same and not every student needs the same solution.  We feel that 90% of issues can be solved by bolstering these skills.  For those who need additional support, we have a few tricks to support learning by identifying and mitigating deficiencies.

How do we achieve our goal?

Through personal relationships and guiding philosophies, BCS Learning Support Specialists work with individuals to create a path to success.
Some of our tools include: 

 All of the support we provide is designed to assist students in reaching their full potential.

The Learning Support Program is not a crutch.  Students are still expected to meet the same standards as every other student.

The Learning Support Program does not ensure students who need additional support will not fail courses.  Students identified as supported by the LSP are responsible for their own work and meeting the standards set forth by the teacher.  The purpose of the LSP is to make sure that student’s identified areas of struggle are not a limiting factor.

More information for parents

If your child is struggling with school and you feel like it is tied to some type of academic struggle, begin the process of seeking support by having a conversation with your child’s teacher.  If the teacher feels additional support is needed, he / she will seek support from one of our Learning Support Specialists.  If you as a parent feel like additional support is still needed, reach out to the school administration or a Learning Support Specialist directly.    Keep in mind that the school is constantly evaluating students and reflecting on how best to support students. 

The process of identifying students takes time.  As we seek to accumulate data and implement temporary intervention strategies to see what the most effective way to support each student, please bear with us.  We look forward to partnering with students and their families to make a difference.