Academic Technology

Technology in the classroom at Bethany Community School

The use of technology is an integral part of learning in the 21st century.

Students and staff are encouraged to make use of technology where appropriate. Middle school students have regular access to chromebooks. High school students have limited access to school chromebooks but are encouraged to make use of personal computers to supplement their learning when appropriate at school.

Cell Phone Usage

Students are restricted from using cell phones during instructional time unless given expressed permission from the instructor. Using a cell phone during unauthorized times results in distraction from the educational purpose of Bethany. We work daily to ensure students know when, where, and how the use of technology is appropriate.

Students and staff have a right to privacy of their person. Students should never photograph or record another individual without permission. Phones should never be out in a locker room or bathroom. Respect the privacy of others and expect the same.

Student & Staff Email

Students and staff are provided with a school-issued email address through which they can communicate as needed. Bethany Community School reserves the right to monitor these accounts and in some cases, information transmitted via email may be subject to Freedom of Information Act requests and North Carolina records laws. Students and staff should not use email for solicitation or personal business ventures.

Learning Management System

Bethany Community School utilized a learning management system (LMS) designed to improve communication and consolidate resources. An LMS provides students and parents with access to course materials and provides a central hub for course submissions. The use of an LMS does not indicate a desire by Bethany Community School to be a virtual or remote school. An LMS combined with traditional classroom expectations builds capacity in students and provides a great opportunity for the student’s support team at home.

Currently, BCS uses Google Classroom and Canvas as the LMS of choice. For information about how to access as a parent, please contact the school office.

Google Workspace for Education

Students and staff have access to Google Workspace for Education which includes Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and more. These platforms allow students to collaborate and create - hallmarks of a Bethany education. Students and staff are encouraged to keep all school-related material in Google Drive to ensure items are maintained and secure. Google Workspace provides cloud based storage and is recognized as being compliant with state and federal regulations regarding privacy.

School Network

Students and staff have access to a robust wireless network while on campus. This network is managed by the school with support from Microelectronics Center of North Carolina (MCNC). Students and staff authenticate through the school and personal devices to ensure compliance with federal and state regulations regarding filtering and control. Bethany Community School reserves the right to limit access as needed to ensure proper use and compliance.

Right to Privacy

Students, staff, and visitors who access the school devices or network have no right to privacy regarding their device usage.  School administration reserves the right to access devices, surfing history, and any other necessary data to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines.

Acceptable Use

Students and staff are free to use network resources to support learning.  Usage for other endeavors is not part of the acceptable use policy.  Usage limitations are broken into three main areas.

Protecting Access and Identity
Students and staff should work to maintain privacy by not disclosing personal information such as passwords or other personally identifiable information that could lead to identity theft. 

Refraining from Participating in Inappropriate Activities
Students and staff should refrain from accessing network resources to which they have not been given access.  Hacking into computer systems is a crime.  Accessing records that are not a necessary part of the role for a student or teacher is grounds for serious disciplinary action.

Refraining from Abuse or Harassment
Students and staff should not participate in abuse or harassment of another through the use of school technology resources, during the school day, or in any way that causes a disruption to the educational process.  Any activity that degrades another or disparages the school in any way may result in disciplinary action up to and including termination, suspension, and recommendation for exclusion.