Welcome from the Head of School

Dear Students and families,

Twenty-two years of serving the students of Rockingham County and beyond. As I reflect on the past, I imagine students of the past making an impact on society today because of the lessons learned while they experienced Bethany. There is no doubt that there are wonderful mothers and fathers, dedicated workers, tremendous leaders, and caring, thoughtful, contributing members of society.

Today, I reflect on the journey ahead. I think about the students walking our halls this year and the opportunities we encounter every day to make a difference – to set those students on a path to success. The students we work with don’t always know what their future path will be. They don’t yet see their future and that’s ok.

My personal vision is to create growth opportunities that will allow us to introduce each young person to the adult they never knew they could be. Opening their eyes to the future possibilities and inspiring them to discover their true self challenges us every day. I am thrilled to work alongside a great staff who see it as their purpose to impact the life of every student.

I spend time imagining a future and figuring out how to take a step forward. That’s really all it will take. One step forward every day and we can make a profound difference. But, I don’t envision taking this step alone. It is critical that we have an authentic partnership with parents as we both work for the good of the student. An open line of communication is a key ingredient.

With the help of our community and the hard work of our staff I know that we will be able to write our story. As the experiences we create for students take shape, I know that the future will come into focus for each and every one of our students and we will shape a path forward for all.

Go Wolves!


Jeff Morris
Head of School