Welcome from the Head of School

Dear Students and families,

I am excited to join the Bethany family and am grateful to the board for entrusting me with the job of paving the path onward into the next phase of the school. I know the future is bright. During my visits to Bethany, I have met passionate people who believe deeply in what is happening here. I look forward to engaging with all of you over the coming weeks and months as I learn more about the history and the potential of Bethany.

My personal vision is to create growth opportunities that will allow us to introduce each young person to the adult they knew they could be. I know with the passion of a dedicated staff and a clear vision forward future Bethany graduates will be leaders and difference makers in the world they seek to create. That vision is a top priority for me, and I value input from everyone as I work to shape it.

It is not possible to do this alone. While we are working to bring in additional senior staff and teachers who are compassionate, dedicated leaders and educators, we must rely on parents, students, and community members to share their Bethany experience. Getting our story out is important to fostering the relationships we need and builds a sense of pride in all involved.

We also count on everyone to seek out ways to improve the school daily. This can be as simple as a parent volunteering or a student seeking out ways to make everyone feel included. Every effort makes a difference in the lives of students and the hard-working staff.

During this time of transition, I ask for your patience. It will take time to evaluate current systems and programs to shape a future. I also ask that you assume of me exactly what I assume of all of you – that we are committed to the success of Bethany and everything we do is in the best interest of the school. I know together we will shine the light of Bethany brighter than it has ever shone before.

Go Wolves!


Jeff Morris
Head of School