Leadership Team

Meet Our Leadership Team

Mr. Jeff Morris

Head of School
Mr. Morris joined Bethany Community School in the summer of 2021 as the Head of School.  He brings a wealth of experience in charter school leadership with more than 16 years of leadership at Gray Stone Day School and 10 years of experience with a large traditional school.  Mr. Morris is responsible for the strategic direction of the school along with managing the school resources in a way that moves the school forward.  In a traditional school setting, Mr. Morris would be regarded as a superintendent of schools.

Mr. Scott Lewis

High School Principal

Mr. Lewis assumed the position of Assistant Head of School for Academics and Student Affairs at Bethany Community School in the summer of 2022. His distinguished career encompasses various educational roles, including teacher, coach, assistant principal, and principal. As the current High School Principal at BCS, Mr. Lewis not only brings this diverse experience to his leadership but also oversees the high school division’s educational and administrative aspects. In this capacity, he plays a vital role in shaping the school’s academic direction, curriculum development, and effective teaching strategies, all of which cater to the diverse needs of high school students.

In collaboration with his fellow school leaders, Mr. Lewis diligently translates the mission of Bethany Community School into a vibrant reality. By fostering a secure and organized environment that emphasizes both learning and community building, he cultivates an atmosphere in which students can excel academically and personally. Through his adept guidance and commitment to collaboration with teachers, staff, students, and parents, Mr. Lewis ensures that the high school experience at Bethany Community School encapsulates the institution’s core values and aspirations, leaving an indelible mark on all those he serves.

Mrs. Sara Brooks

Middle School Principal

Mrs. Brooks has been an essential member of the Bethany Community School community since 2000, starting as a teacher and steadily taking on roles with increasing responsibilities. Over the years, she has made significant contributions in various capacities, including teacher and counselor. With her wealth of experience, Mrs. Brooks has recently transitioned into the role of Middle School Principal at the school.

As the Middle School Principal, Mrs. Brooks is entrusted with guiding the educational journey of middle school students. She oversees the middle school’s academic programs, student support services, and the overall learning environment. Mrs. Brooks’ dedication to educational excellence and her commitment to fostering a supportive and enriching atmosphere continue to shape the middle school experience for both students and educators.

Throughout her time at Bethany Community School, Mrs. Brooks has demonstrated a remarkable ability to lead and support students and staff alike. Her longstanding connection with the school and her diverse educational background make her an invaluable asset in ensuring that the middle school division aligns with the institution’s mission and values, maintaining its reputation for providing quality education and holistic student development.