Staying connected is an integral part of our success.

At Bethany Community School, we think communication is an integral part of our success.  Parents are our partners in education and having everyone on the same page is critical.  Our staff wants to make sure you are aware of everything that is happening in our school community.  To better serve you, we have several avenues of communication.


We have email distribution groups set up for parents of each grade level.  When we have important information, we will communicate out via email most of the time.  Information about important notices, upcoming events or ways to get involved will be included in those emails.  We send a weekly communication on Fridays with details about the coming week. 

We hope you will check that out each week to stay connected.  Email will be our primary means of communication.  If there is information you are missing, please let us know so that we can be sure to include in our weekly emails.

Add our calendars to your phone

Did you know that you can subscribe to our calendars so that you can stay up to date?  Use the link below to add our main school calendar directly to your phone or other device.  Find the option to add a subscribed calendar and use the link below:

Mass Call and Text Notifications

We do have a mass call service.  We try not to use it during school hours as it tends to create confusion with people calling back to the school thinking their child was trying to call home.  We will only make mass communication calls during the day for emergency situations.

That same system is used to notify parents each evening if your child was marked absent.  This call helps us all to stay on the same page.  Don’t hesitate to follow up with our office staff if you receive that call in error. 

Other school wide updates that are time sensitive will come through a call, text, or email from our mass communication system.

Connect with us on social media

We know that not everyone is on social media, but we believe that it is a valuable tool in sharing our story.  We hope you will connect with us via facebook and instagram.

Keep your contact information up to date

As hard as we try, it is likely that we have a few old phone numbers and addresses in our system.  If you are not getting phone calls, text messages, or emails, please reach out to us to let us know.  We want to make sure we have the most up to date information so we can stay connected.